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Rev. Gilbert Lumoindong, STh. was born in Jakarta, December 26, 1966. He has totally surrendered his life to God since he was 10 years old, after a  magical moment when he recovered from neural pain. When he was teenager (17 years old), he started to preach and participated actively in Christian youth and students services. The call to serve God was strongly determined when he went to the Institute of Theology and Education Indonesia (ITKI) in Jakarta and completed his study and got his diploma.

With God's precious blessings and gift, he is talented to speak about God's words persistently and clearly which made him accepted in every social level and background and eventually lead them back to God's way through His Miraculous Mighty Touch. Until this moment, he feels that he is not called yet to proceed the mission of shepherding due to he has personal burden to serve inter-denominationally, particularly to serve through mass media.

This son of God married his beloved wife who become his faithful partner and companion, Rev. Reinda Lumoindong, STh. and has one son, Garren Reivener Lumoindong, and one daughter, Gavrilla Reichella Lumoindong.

Educational Background

The Institute of Theology and Educational Indonesia, Jakarta.

Mission of Students
Completion of Theological Education in ITKI.
Host of Religious  Program (Christian) in TV Station RCTI,   Jakarta.
Chairman of Gospel Overseas Studio (GO Studio), Jakarta
Chairman of Jala Nafiri Foundation, Jakarta
Host of Religious Program (Christian) in 40 radio station in all over Indonesia.
Host of program "To Listen Properly" in Pelita Kasih radio station, Jakarta.
Host of program "His Mighty Touch" in Sport FM radio station,  Jakarta.
Establishing 'Kemenangan Iman' (the Victory of Faith) foundation in Jakarta.
Host of "His Mighty Touch" for Australian TV Station

Chairman of GL Ministry (Gilbert Lumoindong Ministry)
Host of Religious Program (Christian) in TV Station, SCTV Jakarta.

Lecturer to school of Biblical Leadership (SKA) of GL Ministry.

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